Corinne Mandin Counselling - Life Transitions / Balance

Life Transitions / Balance
Some life transitions can be beautiful, like having a baby or getting married. Others may be very difficult such as divorce, loss of a valued friendship or the death of someone you love, and might make you question if the change in your life is worth the pain. Many of the changes in our lives contain both joy and difficulty and require a tremendous amount of energy to accomplish on our own, with the excellence we desire. Starting a new job may be an example of a life transition that is positive but also creates fear and anxiety.  

Stress, whether positive or challenging, has the power to either make us sick if we handle it poorly, or to energize us to take on new adventures. What makes the difference is how we choose to handle or balance it. If we run from these transitions in life, we may hold the stress in our bodies, keeping our muscles tense and our systems full of hormones designed to help us to fight or flee. Our minds can be stuck in a survival mode, in which it is difficult to identify or process emotions, and logical reasoning is almost impossible. We can become irritable and feel out of control. If we choose to calm ourselves and address the situation and the related feelings head-on, we can have clearer minds, more relaxed bodies with lower blood pressure and can make better decisions. Our relationships can be healthy and we can tackle life transitions with strength.

When you are making transitions in one area of your life, you may start to question other areas of your life that had previously been unexamined for some time. Relationships, goals, careers and priorities may be questioned and reassessed. 

This can feel very overwhelming and burdensome, and may lead to feelings of grief, loss, sadness, anxiety, panic and loss of identity

It is a healthy exercise to assess or reassess your priorities, relationships, balance of time and energy to ensure you are moving toward your goals, if you have a supportive and caring person or group of people in your life. I am committed to being that person for you if you need additional non-judgmental support and vision to create a feeling of balance in your life.

Together we can plan strategies that can move you toward your goals in life while maintaining your priorities and take care of yourself and your responsibilities. I want to help you achieve your dreams!