Corinne Mandin Counselling - New Parents

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New Parents
I am particularly interested in working with new parents who are adjusting to having a new baby, whether or not they have older children. I have personal experience with this situation and can provide both personal and professional support and compassion for you. 

Few changes are as impactful as having a child and you may find you must rediscover or form a healthier self esteem or self concept that is no longer based on your role, status or productivity, and is based instead on your own value as a person.

There are so many decisions to make and a new child may create the need for a different lifestyle. If one parent chooses to stay home, there may be financial considerations you need to make. Suddenly you may need to figure out your identity if much of yours was based on the fulfillment you received from your work. If you continue to work, you will need to decide how to care for your child while working and taking care of your own physical and emotional needs, as well as those of your other family members. 

If you desire to develop a healthier, longer-lasting self esteem that will benefit your relationships with others, we can partner together.

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