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Self Esteem Workshops
Finding you aren't meeting the goals you want? Need confidence? Feeling stuck? 

We all have capacity for creativity, productivity and growth.

Self esteem is defined as our own assessment of our self worth. It is often based on our experiences in childhood with the people who meant the most to us; usually our families. The way people demonstrated importance, value, and love for us influences our thoughts and feelings about ourselves today. If you were taught you had nothing of value to say, you would probably not be likely to speak with confidence and the expectation of being heard today. If you experienced respect, love and a sense of belonging when you were a child, you may demonstrate confidence and believe you are worthy as an adult.

While we cannot change our past, we can change the way we think about ourselves; our patterns of thoughts and beliefs about ourselves, our worth and ultimately the way we interact in the world around us, resulting in changes to our self confidence. 

It is possible to build a healthier self esteem now, to help us experience greater creativity, productivity and growth.

I lead workshops designed to help participants develop healthier self esteem. These are dynamic four hour workshops held over two evenings, and are full of strategies to reinforce healthy concepts of what makes us of value, and how to behave as though we have something to offer the world. 

Essential topics address the use of self-compassion, healthy boundaries, self-care activities and accepting responsibility for one’s own choices. The roles of philanthropy, apology, using emotions as cues for future plans and behaviors are addressed.