Corinne Mandin - Counselling Services

Counseling Services

  • Offer a caring, compassionate, non-judgmental experience in which clients may choose their own goals. The counseling relationship is a powerful and transforming tool in itself, and is based on trust, honesty, empathy and respect.
  • Counseling is collaborative. Clients bring expertise in their lives, and obtain support to identify the patterns of feelings, needs, thoughts and beliefs that may perpetuate their situation.
  • Work from a strength-based perspective; together the client and I identify his or her strengths and areas of potential growth, and develop new competencies or skills, thereby increasing the pool of strengths from which to draw.
  • It is helpful to set goals in counseling, review them periodically to discover which have been met, which are no longer applicable. I strive to respect the client’s time and commitment that counseling requires.
  • Homework, often in the form of trying new ideas and skills in the client’s own life situations is often helpful in bridging the space between the session and home life.
  • Pain is often a result of avoiding difficult thoughts, emotions and situations in life, due to fear, or trauma, and can be addressed by directly facing them, with compassionate support.